Piglet departments: hygiene and safety

Hygienic coating systems with an anti-slip layer

Equipped with animal-friendly anti-slip layer

We also use granulate for a special anti-slip finish. It prevents the piglets from slipping or skin damage. Create a safe environment for the piglets up to 8 kilos, which our experienced specialists would be happy to tailor to your specific wishes or the challenges you face.

Advantages of hygienic coatings in the piglet department

High chemical resistance
Durable floor finish: longer lifetime
Safe surface thanks to anti-slip
Lower infection pressure of the concrete
Optimal hygiene: easier cleaning

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centrale gangen coating
Hygiënische coating

Curious about the benefits of Mesa HyCo?

Market leader for agricultural companies

Mesa HyCo has been the market leader for agricultural companies for years. We have been the market leader for agricultural companies for years. We know which requirements hygienic coatings must meet in pig farming, for example in the piglet department. We combine the liquid-proof floor and wall with a non-slip finish. This combination ensures that both hygiene and safety are guaranteed. The hygienic coatings guarantee optimal hygiene in the farrowing pen, as the basis for greater operating results. Download our brochure to learn more about our solutions for pig farming.

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