Piglet departments: hygiene and safety

Hygienic coating systems with an anti-slip layer

Coatings for the piglet department

Hygiene and safety do not go hand in hand as clearly as in the piglet department. Piglets are more susceptible to germs and other harmful microorganisms, so good protection against them is essential. Our hygienic coating systems make thorough cleaning easier, so that you meet the important requirements in this area.

Equipped with animal-friendly anti-slip layer

We also use granulate for a special anti-slip finish. It prevents the piglets from slipping or skin damage. Create a safe environment for the piglets up to 8 kilos, which our experienced specialists would be happy to tailor to your specific wishes or the challenges you face.

Advantages of hygienic coatings in the piglet department

High chemical resistance
Concrete has a porous structure and is very sensitive to acids. Our coatings combine the strength of concrete with the chemical loadability of a favorable plastic.

Durable floor finish: longer lifetime
Scratch and impact resistant, extremely strong and thus the ideal basis for a long life. A durable floor and wall finish with a high-quality plastic coating.

Safe surface thanks to anti-slip
More grip for your piglets and pigs, with which you can prevent slipping and skin damage. The safe choice on the floor and the wall.

Lower infection pressure of the concrete
No problems with accumulating dirt or germs that remain in spite of cleaning. A nice smooth finish for optimal cleaning.

Optimal hygiene: easier cleaning
An optimal hygienic pig farming, which you can clean faster and easier. Less labor and energy costs for a cleaner environment.

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Market leader for agricultural businesses

Mesa Coatings has been the market leader for agricultural companies for years. We know what the hygienic coatings for your pig farm must meet, for example in the piglet department. That is why we combine the liquid-proof floor and wall with a non-slip finish, which contributes to both hygiene and safety.

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