Hygienic coatings for cattle farming

Durable feed pass coating and applications for the milking parlor

Hygienic coatings for poultry farming

Solution for combating antibiotic resistance

Hygienic coatings for pig farming

The basis of hygienic working

Poultry farming
Pig farming
Cattle farming

Mesa</ span> Hyco
hygienic coating systems

“The basis for every professional animal husbandry”

Mesa Hyco specializes in treating the floors and walls of your livestock business. We do this with a durable coating that ensures optimum hygiene for humans and animals. We can not only handle the rooms where your cattle are located, but also the other areas. Thanks to our solution you minimize the risk of the outbreak of infections and diseases. The basis for more operating profit.

Antibiotic resistance solution

Resistance to antibiotics is the problem child of the FOA. Critical consumers around the world ask for meat free of antibiotics, while you need a solution against germs and other harmful micro-organisms that accumulate in the floor and environment. Our HyCo solutions offer a solution, as a socially responsible solution for food production.

Coatings for livestock farming

Mesa Coatings has been the market leader in hygienic coatings for years in the professional agricultural sector. Suitable for professional livestock farming, such as pig farms, poultry farms, cattle farms and even goat farming. Within your pig farm you can, among other things, make use of coatings for the maternity ward, piglet department, rearing house and the pigsty. We also have suitable solutions for poultry and cattle farming.

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Benefits of our coatings

Chemical resistant

Wear resistant


Maintenance friendly

UV bestending

No accumulation of bacteria

Cattle farming
Pig farming
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Central corridors

How our Hyco solutions protect your livestock farming

Walls and walls pose a great risk of the occurrence of unhygienic situations and thus the outbreak of infections and diseases. Concrete floors and walls, as well as floors and walls of other common material in a livestock farm, are porous. Also, over time, cracks and holes may develop in which dirt will collect. Even very regular and intensive cleaning is not enough to remove this dirt. There remain (invisible) residues through which these gaps and holes can become a source of infections, diseases and other unhygienic threats. Our coatings provide complete, repellent and seamless coverage so dirt does not stand a chance.

The unique advantages of our coatings

High chemical resistance </ strong>
The power of concrete, combined with the chemical resistance of a favorable plastic. Sealing the porous structure of concrete.

Sustainable choice: long life
Scratch and impact resistant, thanks to the high quality. An investment in the future, for the guarantee of the longest possible life span.

Easier cleaning: less labor intensive </ strong>
No worries about cracks and seams or even cracks, in order to clean the floor and wall faster and easier.

High mechanical load capacity
Suitable for the use of heavy machinery or heavy loads by your animals. Extremely robust coating on the existing concrete floor.

Seamless finishing of floor and wall
Hygienic coating systems for the floors and walls in your animal husbandry. With seamless skirting to connect the both.

Years of experience within the agricultural sector

Mesa Coatings has years of experience within the agricultural sector. As a result, we know better than anyone what challenges you have to deal with in livestock farming. In addition, we constantly test our solutions and continuously work on further development and improvement.

We use a clear method. With a lot of mutual consultation, a clear logbook and clear instructions to get off to a good start. We take into account both the temperature and the humidity of the environment, for the ideal conditions to apply our professional hygienic coatings. Choose a team of experienced specialists. Choose Mesa Coatings.

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