Coatings for optimal
hygiene in your cattle farming

Floor and wall coatings for a higher operating result

A cattle farm with optimum hygiene thanks to our coatings

For a well-performing cattle farm it is important to create optimal conditions for the cattle. That includes hygiene absolutely. By ensuring good hygiene, the animals remain in good condition, healthy and free of diseases. The result is that they live longer and that you get more benefits from your cattle.

Coating specialist for cattle farming

We are an experienced specialist in the field of hygiene for cattle farms by applying coatings to your floors and walls. These coatings ensure that dirt and disease sources do not adhere to the surfaces and make cleaning very easy and efficient. Our solutions are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

You benefit from important advantages:

Less water usage: easier removal of dirt

Less labor costs: faster cleaning done

Lower energy consumption: easier compartments drying

Faster start again: shorter drying time of compartments

No infection pressure of the underlying concrete

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Antibiotic resistance solution

Resistance to antibiotics is the problem child of the FOA. Critical consumers around the world ask for meat free of antibiotics, while you need a solution against germs and other harmful micro-organisms that accumulate in the floor and environment. Our HyCo solutions offer a solution, as a socially responsible solution for food production.

Coatings for cattle farming

Mesa Hyco has been the market leader in hygienic coatings for years in the professional agricultural sector. Suitable for professional cattle farming, just like pig farms, poultry farms and even goat farming. Within your cattle farm you can use, among other things, coatings for the feeding alley, milking stalls, and of course the other areas within your cattle farm.

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Inventory and communication

No successful project without a 100% satisfied customer. Our experienced team of experts carries out a good inventory, with which we map out your wishes and the important challenges. Then you can count on clear communication and clear work preparation and planning. In this way we guarantee the flawless execution of the project, with which we work on hygiene in poultry farming that forms the basis for your higher operating result.

Team of specialists

Our hygienic coating systems are applied by a special team of trained and experienced specialists. They know what to watch for the ideal conditions to start. We work as much as possible with one and the same team at your location, with the guarantee that at least one person is present throughout the project. In this way we guarantee a good execution of the planning and you always have a clear contact for questions or comments.

“With our Mesa HyCo solutions we guarantee important hygiene protocols, with a seamless and liquid-proof finish on floors and walls.”

Hyco solutions are suitable for:


Poultry farming


Pig farming


Cattle farming

The importance of a clean barn for a cattle farm

The barn is where your cattle stay for a very large part of the time. Here, the risk of poor hygiene is therefore very high. Proper cleaning of the stables is a requirement for a healthy environment for the animals. We ensure that you can easily clean your stables. We can provide these with coatings that require less time and effort to clean and clean the barn. We know the risks and know what needs to be done to protect your cattle from stubborn infections and dangerous diseases, which can seriously damage the health of your herd and your company. By having your floors and walls treated with our coatings, you ensure a hygienic basis that prevents dirt and disease.

Protect feeding alleys against poor hygiene

At the feeding alley of a cattle farm there is an extra element that can undermine the hygiene: feed. Feed residues that are left behind can cause unhygienic situations that can make your cattle ill. Our coatings prevent food residues from attaching themselves to your floor and walls. The space and cattle are optimally protected and after use you can easily clean the room because of the dirt-repellent effect of the coating.

Applications for the milking parlor

As residues of feed in the feed corridors pose extra risks, it is the remains of the milk that can provide potentially unhygienic and dangerous situations in the milking parlor. Here too, keeping the environment clean is a labor-intensive affair that we can simplify. The application of coatings ensures better basic hygiene, making cleaning easier and more effective. There will always be a leak, but with our coatings you can be sure that milk and other remains will not stick to the surfaces.

Optimal hygiene throughout the company

As a specialist, we can create optimum hygiene in your entire cattle farm. The risk is not only present in the obvious areas described above. Wherever there is contact between humans and animals and where employees go, there is a risk of infection. That is why we specialize in optimizing hygiene throughout your company. We would like to visit you on location to view your company. Together with you, we identify where risks are present in your rooms and for your livestock and how our coatings can ensure optimum hygiene and limit contamination in an effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.

Our method

The project for your cattle farming starts with an intake. Our HyCo specialist makes an inventory and maps out the project in detail. We view the compartments and discuss important wishes and challenges. On that basis we draw up a timetable for the execution of the work.

You receive a script from us, in which we indicate exactly how we proceed. In addition, we describe how you should clean the cattle farm and what requirements apply with regard to temperature and moisture content. The supplied moisture meter and temperature gauge make it easy to keep an eye on these properties. In the scenario we record a logbook in which we record which compartment we realize at what time.

In the days prior to the actual execution, you have intensive contact with the work planner. Together we guarantee the proper cleaning of the compartments so that we can carry out the work. Based on the right temperature and a sufficiently dried floor and wall that we will treat.