Meat pens: hygiene and non-slip surface

Hygienic coatings for the floor and walls

For a seamless finish of floor and wall

Offer your meat pigs the ideal environment for 12 to 14 weeks while they mature with our
hygienic coatings for meat pen floors and walls. Just like for the grids and other parts of the compartments. Our hygienic coating system offers maximum hygiene by making it easier to clean your meat pen. Achieve faster, better results for your efforts because there is no porous surface or seams and cracks in which dirt and bacteria can hide.
Let us seal the concrete floor and walls in your meat pen for a hygienic environment that also provides more grip for your pigs thanks to our non-slip surface. Enjoy superior protection against harmful microorganisms and germs while preventing harmful slipping and skin damage.

Extra protection against bacteria

We seal the concrete off the floor and walls, for a hygienic environment that also provides more grip. Thanks to the important anti-slip finish for the pigs. As excellent protection against harmful micro-organisms and germs and at the same time prevent the pigs from slipping and skin damage.

Increase your operating result!

Our experienced specialists are happy to think along with you about your specific wishes and challenges. For hygienic coatings in pig farming, both for the meat pig division and the other compartments you use. Want to know more about the possibilities? Contact us and we will explain how the operation can increase your operating result.

Voordelen van hygiënische coatings op de vleesvarkensafdeling

High chemical resistance
The power of concrete, combined with the chemical resistance of beneficial plastic to
ensure a complete seal of porous concrete.

Sustainable floor finish: longer durability
High-quality scratch and impact resistant surface. A durable floor and wall finish with a
high-quality plastic coating.

Safe surface thanks to anti-slip
More grip for your piglets and pigs, which helps to prevent slipping and skin damage.
The safe choice on the floor and wall.

Lower infection pressure of the concrete
No accumulated dirt or germs that remain despite cleaning. A nice smooth finish for
optimal cleaning.

Optimal hygiene: easier cleaning
An optimal hygienic pig farm, which you can clean faster and easier. Reduced labour
and energy costs for a cleaner environment.

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A proven leader for agricultural companies

As you may expect from the leader in agricultural service companies, we know the challenges you face in commercial pig farming. We understand the difficulties of keeping your farm clean and safe. That is where our product line of hygienic surface coatings come into play: allowing you to create a healthy and safe environment where your pigs can run without the risk of slipping.

Our experienced specialists are happy to discuss unique challenges and individual preferences for your meat pen. Want to learn more? Contact us and we will explain how hygienic surface coating can help improve your results.

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